Support kids with Cancer
Team Rynkeby Helsinki Helsinki Team Rynkeby - God Morgon 2021

Support kids with Cancer

My name is Marc Olivier Meunier and I am riding with team Rynkeby for the first time this year. Probably one of the only foreigner in team Rynkeby Finland. I love the cause that the team is supporting. Kids need a lot of support from their family when going through difficult times and providing that support increases dramatically the chances of recovery. In cycling, a huge part is happening in the head. Will you stop after 100km? The legs say no, but the head says yes! So let's continue. It's largely the same with Cancer. We collect money to help families be close to their kids, so the kids can keep fighting.

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Target: 1,200 €
6/18/2021 7/18/2021



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Support kids with Cancer
Team Rynkeby Helsinki
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